The genera and subgeneric taxa are arranged alphabetically. Types and exsiccatae are included.

Important collections:
F. C. G. Arnold (approx. 120,000 specimens), H. & H. Doppelbaur (approx. 4,800 specimens), H. Hertel, O. Klement, A. von Krempelhuber, B. Mies (Cabo Verde Isl.), J. Poelt, G. Rambold, T. Schauer, M. Steiner, V. Vareschi (Venezuela), A. C. Waghorne (Newfoundland), L. Zedda (Namibia, South Africa), P. F. W. von Zwackh-Holzhausen.

A high number of isotypes of taxa described e.g. by M. Anzi, F. Baglietto. A. L. A. Fée, Th. M. Fries, C. Knight, A. B. Massalongo, J. Müller Argau, W. Nylander, E. Tuckerman was included in the herbaria of F. Arnold and A. von Krempelhuber.

An index of the collectors and lichen collections in M from 1813 to 1988 is given by Hertel & Schreiber (1988) – online version, extended. For web search of material in M visit Collections online and the respective About.

M has an extraordinary rich collection of lichen exsiccatae and exsiccata-like series, 150 series are listed in detail by HERTEL 1982.
General information: IndExs – Index of Exsiccatae
Exsiccatae currently distributed: H. Hertel, Lecideaceae Exsiccatae; V. John, Lichenes Anatolici Exsiccati