Subdivisions in 20 groups following historical lines: Myxomycota, Chytridiomycota, Oomycota, Zygomycota/Endogonales, Protomycetales/Taphrinales, Gymnoascales, Erysiphales, Laboulbeniales, Pyrenomycetes, inoperculate discomycetes, operculate discomycetes, Tuberales, mitosporic fungi, lichenicolous fungi, smut fungi, Uredinales, Heterobasidiomycetes, Poriales/Cantharellales/Polyporales, Agaricales/Boletales/Russulales, Gasteromycetidae.

Within the groups, the genera and subgeneric taxa are arranged alphabetically. Types and exsiccatae are included. A card system for localizing the genera is available.

Important collections:
A. Allescher (approx. 12,000 specimens), F. C. G. Arnold (approx. 4,000 specimens, mainly lichenicolous fungi), G. Bresadola (approx. 5,000 specimens), H. & H. Doppelbaur (approx. 6,500 specimens, mainly phytopathogenic taxa), E. Eichhorn (approx. 5,000 specimens, mainly Uredinales), A. Einhellinger (approx. 5,500 specimens, mainly macromycetes), H. Große-Brauckmann (approx. 6,000 specimens, mainly corticioid and polyporoid fungi), H. Jahn (approx. 6,000 specimens, mainly Poriales), S. Killermann (approx. 25,000 specimens, mainly from Bavaria), E. Ludwig (approx. 2,200 specimens, mainly Agaricales s.l. from Europe), M. Moser (approx. 1,000 specimens, mainly Agaricales s.l.), H. Müller (approx. 3,500 specimens of Myxomycota), G. Niessl von Mayendorf (approx. 20,000 specimens), H. Neubert (approx. 7,500 specimens of Myxomycota), F. Petrak (approx. 20,000 specimens), M. Schnittler (approx. 10,000 specimens of Myxomycota), E. Soehner (approx. 2,500 specimens, mainly hypogaeous fungi from Bavaria), J. Stangl (approx. 2,500 specimens, mainly Inocybe).

An index of the collectors and lichen collections in M from 1813 to 1988 is given by Hertel & Schreiber (1988) – online version, extended. For web search of material in M visit Collections online and the respective About.

General information: IndExs – Index of Exsiccatae
Exsiccata currently distributed: Triebel, Microfungi exsiccati

Hand drawings:
Important series: M. Britzelmayr (approx. 1,500 water colours and pencil drawings of Basidiomycota), J. Schäffer (approx. 900 water colours of Basidiomycota), K. Schieferdecker (approx. 1,300 water colours mainly of fungi from Germany), F. Wohlfarth (approx. 1,900 water colours mainly of macromycetes from Central Europe).