Subdivisions in groups following historical lines: Cyanophyta, Flagellatae, Charophyta, Chlorophyta, Chrysophyta, Phaeophyta, Rhodophyta.

Within the groups, the genera and subgeneric taxa are arranged alphabetically. Types and exsiccatae are included.

Important collections:
T. Reinbold (marine algae), P. F. Reinsch (fresh water algae), F. J. Weinzierl (diatoms), H. Will (marine algae from Subantarctic regions).

An index of the collectors and alga collections in M from 1813 to 1988 is given by Hertel & Schreiber (1988) – online version, extended. For web search of material in M visit Collections online.

General information: IndExs – Index of Exsiccatae