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Editor(s): Fries, E.M.
Title: Herbarium normale plantarum rariorum et criticarum Sveciae
Abbreviation: Fries, Herb. Norm. Pl. Suec.
Place of publication: Lund, Uppsala
First number: [1] First issue: 1836
Last number: [1400] ? Last issue: 1865
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Information source(s): Stafleu & Cowan (1976)
Notes: Editing location according to Safleu & Cowan (1976). Fascicles III and V are in original state in HAL but without giving a editing place. Fascicle V is dated 1838 and contains already specimens collected by Fries in the Uppsala area. Contains also few Characeae (see example) and despite the title also plants from Norway. Issued in fascicles of 100 specimens with printed labels. Numbered separately from 1 to 100 only in the printed conspectus for each fascicle but not on labels.
Group(s) of Organisms: algae/cyanobacteria, spermatophytes, pteridophytes
ExsiccataID: 726337920
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HAL [III: 100]: Chara aspera
No. [III: 100]: Chara aspera (example from HAL)

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