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Editor(s): Keissler, K. von
Title: Kryptogamae exsiccatae editae a Museo Palatino Vindobonensi
Abbreviation: Keissler, Krypt. Exs.
Editing Institution: Museum Hist. Natur. Vindobonensis
Place of publication: Wien [Vienna]
First number: 2601 First issue: 1923
Last number: 3200 Last issue: 1933
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Information source(s): Macroalgal Herbarium Portal:
Pfister (1985)
Sayre (1969)
Stafleu & Cowan (1979)
Notes: Usually cited as "Anonymous"; author changes given according Pfister (1985). For more detailed information see Stevenson (1971) p. 239. There are several numbers used again for issuing the same species in later times without any note on the labels.
Group(s) of Organisms: fungi/lichens, algae/cyanobacteria, bryophytes, bacteria/viruses
ExsiccataID: 231863677
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M 2730: Briardia purpurascens
No. 2730: Briardia purpurascens (example from M)

F 3140: Chara foetida
No. 3140: Chara foetida (example from F)

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