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Editor(s): Ulyczna, K.O.
Title: Hepaticae et Musci URSS exsiccati. Edidit Institutum Botanicum nomine V. L. Komarovii Academiae Scientiarum URSS. Curavit L. I. Savicz-Ljubitzkaja. Decas XII
Abbreviation: Ulyczna, Hepat. Musci URSS Exs. Decas XII
Editing Institution: Instituto Botanico nomine V. L. Komarovii Academiae Scientiarum URSS
Place of publication: Leningrad [St. Petersburg]
First number: 111 First issue: 1961
Last number: 120 Last issue: 1961
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Information source(s): Consortium of North American Bryophyte Herbaria:
Sayre (1971)
Stafleu & Cowan (1985)
Notes: Despite the name is spelled Savicz-Lubitzkaja by Sayre, the name is Savicz-Ljubitzkaja on all the schedae. Each of the decas I-XIX has its own editor under "elaboravit". As a consequence IndExs has parallel entries for each of the decas.
Group(s) of Organisms: bryophytes
ExsiccataID: 2147199857
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MU 111: Pogonatum aloides
No. 111: Pogonatum aloides (example from MU)

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