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Editor(s): Jack, J.B.; Leiner, L.; Stizenberger, E.
Title: Kryptogamen Badens, unter Mitwirkung mehrerer Botaniker, gesammelt und herausgegeben von Jos. Bernh. Jack, Ludwig Leiner und Dr. Ernst Stizenberger. Supplement
Abbreviation: Jack, Leiner & Stizenberger, Krypt. Badens Suppl.
Place of publication: Constanz [Constance]
First number: ? (1) First issue: ?
Last number: ? Last issue: ?
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Information source(s): Macroalgal Herbarium Portal:
Notes: These supplements (How many?) have been issued together with forthcoming fascicles but numbered in brackets using the same numbers than the main series. Neither mentioned by Lynge nor by Sayre.
Group(s) of Organisms: algae/cyanobacteria, bryophytes
ExsiccataID: 2006723199
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MICH (470): Batrachospermum vagum
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