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Editor(s): Baker, C.F.
Title: West American Plants, distributed by C. F. Baker
Abbreviation: Baker, W. Amer. Pl.
Editing Institution: Stanford University
Place of publication: Santa Clara (California)
First number: 1 First issue: 1902
Last number: 4865 Last issue: 1904
Information source(s): Consortium of North American Bryophyte Herbaria:
Sayre (1971)
Stafleu & Cowan (1976)
Notes: The bryophytes of this series are noted by Sayre (1971) p. 179 as "Pacific Slope Bryophytes". Information here is given from the Schedae (3 parts) in JE. All parts have fungi (incl. lichens), bryophytes, ferns and spermatophytes, some algae too. Within the schedae (not on title) are the following series: West Coast Series I - IV, Nevada Series I - II and Plants of Pacific Central America Series I - II (Nicaragua). Incl. Nigaragua Lichens (10) with 3 new Graphina and 1 new Graphis descr. by Zahlbruckner.
Group(s) of Organisms: fungi/lichens, algae/cyanobacteria, bryophytes, spermatophytes, pteridophytes
ExsiccataID: 1530869503
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M 89: Funaria hygrometrica v. calvescens
No. 89: Funaria hygrometrica v. calvescens (example from M)

M 3970: Uredo copelandi
No. 3970: Uredo copelandi (example from M)

DUKE 110: Scleropodium colpophyllum
No. 110: Scleropodium colpophyllum (example from DUKE)

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