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Editor(s): Breutel, J.C.
Title: Flora Germanica exsiccata. Serie II. Cryptogamia. Centuria I. 2te Auflage
Abbreviation: Breutel, Fl. Germ. Exs. Crypt. [ed. 2]
Place of publication: Leipzig
First number: 1 First issue: 1860
Last number: 100 Last issue: 1860
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Information source(s): Macroalgal Herbarium Portal:
Sayre (1969)
Notes: This 2nd edition (of the 1st centuria only) became necessary because most of the original edition had been destroyed by fire in Dresden (Sayre p. 8). Content and labels are different. For the 1st ed. of cent. I see Reichenbach, Herb. Fl. Germ. Only the labels bear titles as "Breutel Alg. exsicc.", "Breutel Musci frond. exsicc." etc.
Group(s) of Organisms: algae/cyanobacteria, bryophytes, pteridophytes
ExsiccataID: 1477913215
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M 53: Mielichhoferia nitida
No. 53: Mielichhoferia nitida (example from M)

UC 3b: Spirogyra porticalis
No. 3b: Spirogyra porticalis (example from UC)

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