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Editor(s): Anzi, M.
Title: Lichenes Exsiccati Italiae auctore A. Massalongo, ex ejusdem Herbario iterum distributi cura Prof. M. Anzi
Abbreviation: Anzi, Lich. Exs. Ital. Auct. Massal.
First number: 1 First issue: after 1860
Last number: 360 Last issue: after 1860
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Information source(s): Sayre (1969)
Notes: According to Sayre (1969: 146) the content of this set is identical with the preceding series by Massalongo. Hence we regard it most probably that it was distributed by Anzi from the Massalongo herbarium after Massalongos death.
Group(s) of Organisms: fungi/lichens
ExsiccataID: 1472651647
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BM 5: Icmadophila aeruginosa
No. 5: Icmadophila aeruginosa (example from BM)

M  M 356 b: Dermatocarpon miniatum var. pruinosum
No. M 356 b: Dermatocarpon miniatum var. pruinosum (example from M)

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