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About "Water Colours of Fungi by Konrad Schieferdecker"



The Artist and the Virtual Gallery

Konrad Schieferdecker

Konrad Schieferdecker was born on January 24th, 1902 in Friedrichsbrunn/ Harz (Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany). He studied geodesy at the College of Agriculture in Berlin. In 1925, K. Schieferdecker got a position as surveyor in Hildesheim (Niedersachsen, Germany), where he lived until his death on December 23th, 1965. For 40 years, his outstanding personal interest was focussed on the study of mycology, botany as well as numismatics and prehistory of the region of Hildesheim. He published a number of scientific contributions on various subjects, mainly in the "Zeitschrift des Museums zu Hildesheim", including the descriptions of some fungi new to science. K. Schieferdecker maintained a lively scientific exchange of ideas with the famous mycologist W. Kirschstein (Berlin) until the death of the latter in 1946. To honour the collector, Kirschstein (1944) described Lachnea schieferdeckeri Kirschst.. There are 19 papers of Schieferdecker with mycological content (For references see DALI). A bibliography was presented by Jan (1966) and an obituary by Zoder (1966).

In 1963, Konrad Schieferdecker donated a collection of finely drawn water colours and a few monochrome photos of micro- and macrofungi to the SNSB – Botanische Staatssammlung München (M). Nearly all of the represented species (875 taxa) are native to Germany (surroundings of Hildesheim). The about 1,350 paintings and 40 photos are on strong paper mounted on black paper board. The first water colour is dated in September 1941 (Orbilia luteorubella), the last one in September 1963 (Russula cyanoxantha). All of them are numbered (e. g. Pi 24f Zg or Pi 1254 Zg) as well as annotated and signed by the artist "KS.". The early drawings are generally framed with an Indian ink line. In 2002, the collection was databased and placed into the internet as a virtual gallery.

The Data Project and Service

Collection sites of the Schieferdecker collection The Database "Water Colours of Fungi by Konrad Schieferdecker" and – if not stated otherwise – its supporting files have been copyrighted © 2002 – 2024 by the SNSB – Botanische Staatssammlung München, Department of Mycology. Support is provided by the Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst.

The data project "Water Colours of Fungi by Konrad Schieferdecker" was established by D. Triebel with technical assistance from C. Stadtkus. As far as possible the taxonomy and identification of the fungi was checked by L. Beenken. The project uses Diversity Workbench components developed within the framework of the GLOPP project and the GBIF-D Fungi & Lichens project. The ColdFusion webinterface was programmed by W. Spiesberger, M. Weiß and J. Ingenhaag, Botanische Staatssammlung München. The Generic Point Mapper (Canadian Biodiversity Information Facility) and Google Maps are used as web services to create dynamic maps.

You may search "Water Colours of Fungi by Konrad Schieferdecker" using a taxon name or parts of it. You do not need to add wild cards. The output comprises information on the originally cited taxon name as well as on the one in current usage, locality data, collecting dates and gives the accession number of the SNSB – Botanische Staatssammlung München.

Actually "Water Colours of Fungi by Konrad Schieferdecker" is maintained and expanded by staff members of the SNSB – Botanische Staatssammlung München as part of the Mycology.Net project.

All entries have been checked for accuracy using a number of information sources. Nevertheless, typing- and other errors may occur. In such cases we kindly ask the user to contact the editorial staff at the SNSB – Botanische Staatssammlung München. Technical support is provided by the Staatliche Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen Bayerns, IT Center.

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