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Specimen data

Taxon name: Rhymbocarpus neglectus (Vain.) Diederich & Etayo
Acc. Number: M-0043275
Country: Austria
Locality: Auf felsigem Boden zwischen Gneissblöcken ober dem Finsterthaler See bei Kühthei in Tirol. 7500!
Date: 1874-08-20
Collector: Arnold, F.
Exsiccata: Arnold, Lich. Exs. Lich. Jur.
Host lichen: Leproloma angardianum (Øvstedal) J. R. Laundon
lichen Leproloma angardianum (Øvstedal) J. R. Laundon
fungus Rhymbocarpus neglectus (Vain.) Diederich & Etayo

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